What we do

Basically, we organise several activities each year such as quizzes, wine bluffing, and gourmet meals.

There are groups that meet up every fortnight to (allegedly) improve their French.

We go to
Le Pellerin one year and they come to us the next; our last visit was in May/June of 2011.

Originally, the Twinning Association came about because of the friendship between two individuals - Jane Knight (from North Ferriby) and Carole Larroze-Chicot (from Le Pellerin).

The Twinning Association was formed in 2003 to foster friendship, share knowledge and understanding between our two communities of North Ferriby in East Yorkshire, UK and Le Pellerin in Loire-Atlantique, France.

The relationship between the two villages has developed steadily and the two villages were formally twinned in June 2011.

A visit to France is arranged every two years. We stay with families in Le Pellerin and enjoy their wonderful hospitality and the many social functions and trips that are laid on for us. In the intervening years, we are delighted to be able to reciprocate when our friends visit North Ferriby. Over the years strong friendships have developed between families in our two communities and regular visits across the Channel have been made. 

The Twinning Association organises social events, which have provided the opportunity to make new friends within the village, including:

            Gourmet meals
            Wine tasting
            Quiz nights
            Garden parties
            Barn dances

In addition, members can (allegedly) improve their French by joining one of the fortnightly 'Chat' groups. 

The Association is working hard to involve the primary and secondary schools on both sides and we hope to be able to add sporting links in the future. There are no limits to the levels and types of personal or group involvement with Le Pellerin. These can be family and school exchanges, sports, gardening, flower arranging, scouts, guides, bowls (dare we suggest this?), music, language and cultural trips, maybe even work experience. 

Everyone is invited to participate.

Would any individual or 
village organisation interested in exploring possible contacts with a French group with similar interests, please contact one of our committee members.

New members and families are very welcome to join the Association and see what we have to offer and explore new horizons!