Experience the French Way of Life

The welcome and warm hospitality provided by people of all ages in Le Pellerin shows that language need never be a barrier to friendship. The sharing of each other's culture is enjoyable and rewarding in itself and over the last nine years, many friendships have developed between families and individuals of all ages across our two communities.

The above photograph shows the party from North Ferriby arriving at an evening 'welcome' reception held in Le Pellerin in June 2011.

The Association helps people to meet with like-minded individuals or families in Le Pellerin so that they can be hosted during the biennial group visit and in turn, play host to visitors from Le Pellerin when they visit North Ferriby.

Bill and Jenny Deakin forged a friendship with Bernard and Catherine Lorec. "We have just returned from Le Pellerin, and Bernard and I had some excellent games of golf," says Bill. "when they come here, they love visiting our National Trust properties. We have now known them for 8 years, and they feel like part of the family."

Michael and Ann Welbourne spoke hardly any French and had never been to France before they stayed with the Dosantos family  for the first time 7 years ago. "We have a great time with them: we have watched the children grow and we send them books in English to help them to learn." said Michael. "We love the relaxed French way of life and always have a great welcome from all those we have got to know in Le Pellerin - and our French is improving too!"

The official recognition of the twinning of North Ferriby with Le Pellerin acknowledges these bonds of friendship which now run through our communities. We want to encourage more people to enjoy the opoortunities this provides, to experience more of French life through linking with a family in Le Pellerin and equally to give them the opportunity to learn mor about life in North Ferriby.