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News from Le Pellerin

Our glorious leader has had news from Alain (the glorious leader of the Le Pellerin half) :-

"Dear John

I hope you are well and Beverly too.

We are preparing our AGM which is scheduled the 18 october. We have a great success, especially a lot of persons who are interesting with english courses : twice as last year, still with Elnette as professor on Tuesday and Saturday. We expect to have around 50 families as association's members.

We still have our traditionnal activities like selling delicious british cakes (as we try to) and marmalade (see documents) and chats.

It sounds a good start.

We keep soon in touch, anyway.

Have a nice week !



He also attached a couple of files :-




Mike Wilsea,
Oct 9, 2013, 8:47 AM