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School Breakfast in LP

This email is from Maryvonne

Hi John, Ann and Michael

This morning we organized our Beakfast with Notre Dame School Pupils : a real success.

110 children, around 15 parents to help and 6 teachers... and we prepared an real English beakfast for these 130 people... yes ! We can !

We were 8 of the association to prepare and, yes Michael, we found black pudding and we proposed it !!! and pupils ate (but some hate...is it a

surprise ??) !

We prepared scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, black pudding, beans, tomatoes, toasts and marmalade, tea and orange juice... We hope they love now English

food !

The pupils of the nursery school song for us "old mac Donald" and another song about train'wheels (if I understood !!)....

Annie and Yann Le Noay, friend of Garreth and Julia James, will go next week to North Ferriby. She'll bring letters for NF School and try to come

with some presents of Le Pellerin pupils to their penpals (local biscuits). If she couldn't, they have to wait group coming !

I send you some photos about our breakfast. We had two press contacts who came this morning so I hope 2 newspaper articles soon !