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On Thursday 2nd June 2011 a delegation from North Ferriby witnessed the
 signature of a formal Twinning Oath officially linking North Ferriby with Le Pellerin. John Halmshaw, Chairman of our Parish Council, and Valérie Demangeau, Maire (Mayor) of Le Pellerin (pictured below), signed the document in the new George Sand Médiathèque (multi-media library) in Le Pellerin. Their signatures were witnessed by Carole Larroze-Chicot and Jane Knight from the twinning associations in each village. This was very fitting, since it was Jane and Carole whose vision, back in 2002, led to the creation of the links between Le Pellerin and North Ferriby.

In the Oath the two villages undertake to work together to promote 
exchanges and partnerships open to all in both communities, in all sectors of village life – social, cultural, business, educational and sporting – to help learn more of each other’s language and culture. In practical terms this means that individuals, businesses, clubs and associations have the opportunity to contact similar people and organisations in Le Pellerin with a view to corresponding, exchanging ideas and experiences, developing friendships and visiting each other. As those who have already been involved in the Association’s activities know, this is very rewarding and the hospitality extended by both sides has been incredibly warm.

Chris Swindin, the Chairman of the Twinning Association, said that 'it is very rewarding to us that our efforts over the years have developed such close relationships with our French counterparts, and that we can see tremendous opportunities for many others in North Ferriby to benefit from similar contacts'.    


Please see our Gallery section for further photos.


During the visit to Le Pellerin, from 31st May to 4th June, our group stayed with Le Pellerin families, visited local places of interest and enjoyed many social activities. They also visited a special exhibition in the médiathèque arranged by the Twinning Association to show Le Pellerin residents something of British culture as well as details of North Ferriby, for which we provided a lot of typical Yorkshire and North Ferriby material. The Parish Council formally presented Le Pellerin with English-style street signs for their new housing development.

Please see our Gallery section for further photos.