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These are tulips, now in full bloom, presented to Le Pellerin last June on behalf of the association and the Parish Council (but delivered in October) in celebration of their new housing development: Les Tulipes in which are to be found Allée du Humber, rue de North Ferriby and Allée du Yorkshire.

The flag of St George they have created in the planting will be a constant reminder of North Ferriby.

Dear friends from NF,

Here is a pictures of the tulips you offered to LE PELLERIN during the twinning agreement and which have been planted at the biggest roundabout of our town! They've grown so fast !

They represent the English flag as you can see.
Véronique Guillouzouic kindly took this picture for us all in LPNF so I send it to you to see you're always in our hearts and even in our landscapes now !!! What a fantastic friendship!

Kind regards, Carole LARROZE-CHICOT